The Genius Sewer

The Queen of Fashion gave Mr. Thread a smile,
Then told him, “Go dance with Miss Needle awhile
Before my clothes go out of style.”
So Needle and Thread, they danced as one
And made a new dress ere the day was done!
The Queen of Fashion came in and saw,
But liked it not, and laid down the law!
“Now you, Mr. Thread, and you, Miss Needle,
Must use your minds in a genius way
And make me happy, or I’ll throw you away!”
Both Needle and Thread were worried sore,
“Oh, what can we do? Our ideas are poor!”

Then Linda came in with a gleam in her eye;
Her fingers were nimble, and quick and spry!
She gathered up Needle and Thread with care,
Kissed them together with love that was rare,
And before a raindrop could splash from a cloud,
A new dress stood there, gold-winged and proud,
As if a model had flown round the earth
With all of her beauty and glamorous worth!
The Queen of Fashion came in, stood amazed.
“Miss Needle, Mr. Thread, what new pathway you’ve blazed.”
But they were both bowing to Linda so true,
For they knew the bright genius of sewing was you!

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