Invisible Two

My laughing, invisible, goddess Delight,
Whose laughter unheard is a twinkle-star’s height,
I’ve dreamed you were thirty, and then eighty-two,
Fat, skinny, tall, short—-who really is you?
It’s “Oops,” you then say, “I’m all of these things
That flicker to joy your imaginings.”
But uh-oh, I’ve asked not your sis’s lost name;
Invisible, too, and for laughter she’s game!
Such cheer and such happiness reigning two-fold—
A pairing of tinkle-bells ringing so bold!
Now, this laughter in print needs a mind aligned right
To capture with hearing a sign made for sight!
So I am dream focused on invisible two—
Sweet laughter of Sis, and bright laughter of You!

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