God, or Amy—Take Your Pick

Amy died. She had been good all her life, being a teacher who thought that knowledge of the world was the most important thing for young people. So, with great confidence she stepped up to the pearly gate. The gate was open, but God stood there with a “Don’t Walk” sign. The he said, “Amy, do you see and hear that group of angels over there—a million of them—singing my praises? When I clip on your wings you may fly over to them and begin singing my praises, too.”

Amy shook her head in disbelief. “Why,” she asked, “do you need a million and one to sing your praises?”

God Looked at her scornfully, but said, “Actually, you will be a million and four. A million and five waits behind you. But do not question my purposes. I work in mysterious ways.”

“I’ll say. How conceited can you be to have over a million angels singing you the same old songs day after day and year after year? What if I choose not to sing, is that going to hurt your poor little ego?”

“Oh, Amy, now you are a rebel! Straight to Hell with you! There, with the joy of vengeance, I will look upon your suffering!”

“Yes, that’s just what i thought. You get more of a kick out of watching people suffer than you do out of seeing them happy, especially if they find happiness independently, without any help from you!”

Slam! went the pearly gate!

As Amy soared down into the fires of Hell she could hear God shouting, “Sing! Sing louder! Sing my praises! Sing how wonderful I am! I’m really good1 I really am!”

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1 Response to God, or Amy—Take Your Pick

  1. “They like me, angels really like me.”

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