Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Oh, Ayaan, Ayaan, what is this you do?
Your whole sole life, not living first for you?
Your purpose, not the joy of self-lit fire
Whose end is yours alone, to love, admire?
Oh, Ayaan, Ayaan, with courage oh, so great,
With spirit calm, intellect sharp; and yet,
Your whole life helping others? Enough, enough.
For you will be forgotten when you die,
And now must your whole being ask this: “Why?”
Oh, why is joy if Ayaan knows it not?
What’s freedom if Ayaan has it not got?
And what’s a “better life” for those unknown
Who do not care if you have not your own?
Oh, Ayaan, Ayaan, slip off while there is time;
Live out your life for your dear self sublime!

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