Mai Wun

A young man comes to door of house, knocks. An older man answers.

OM: Yes?

YM: Hi. Perhaps you could help me. I am looking for someone.

OM: You are fortunate. I am Sum Wun.

YM: Er, I didn’t mean just anyone.

OM: Of course not. Ani Wun died ten years ago. Unless you look for ghost?

YM: Oh, no. I am looking for a someone who is very real.

OM: Averi Sum Wun is real, in two senses: real, as in actual, and real as in real estate–that’s his business. he is not home now.

YM: But this someone is very special. I’m in love with her.

OM: A Sum Wun who is woman? Impossible! You must have wrong name. Now think carefully. You look for a Wun, correct?

YM: Yes. She is definitely one.

OM: Now, I have two younger sisters: Thi Wun and Onli Wun. Which Wun is for you?

YM: I just want the only one for me.

OM: Sorry, you can’t have both. Again, impossible> You must look in your heart and choose the best Wun for you.

YM: I already know.

OM: Good. Now we are getting somewhere!  Which Wun do you choose?

YM: Oh, someone, help me!

OM: I am doing the best I can. But, now you want me to choose for you? Not so good. Each man should make his own choice.

YM: Well, maybe I should go next door.

OM: That is no good. Nou Wun lives there alone. Be a man. Stay here and choose. Not so difficult.

YM: I have already chosen my one.

OM: OH, I see now you are a bad man! Mai Wun is my wife! Please go!

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