Oh, Will Korla…

Oh, will Korla ever love me?
Oh, will she, will she, will?
Or am I like a stone—see!
That tries to roll up-hill?

But now I roll on downward,
Afar from Korla’s sight.
She does not even see me,
Where I have stopped, in night.

O Love, raise high your torches,
That Korla may me spy.
Or I’ll alone forever,
In darkness cease and die.

O Korla, do you see me?
And do you care at all?
Oh, say you love, reprieve me,
And I will shine withal.

I’ll be a rock so golden
Of true love’s rolling course,
If you will break me open
And find of love the source.

A jewel there sits awaiting
For Korla’s lips to kiss;
It’s made of warm sincerity
And never beats amiss.

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