Monst’rous Day (after reading Romeo and Juliette up to Romeo’s receiving news of Juliette’s death, though not real yet)

O thou, thou monst’rous day, bringer of night,
Thy rays are knives, thy sun a glove of dread,
Thy wafted airs traitors turned, to fright
Away fair promised joys. Juliette dead?
Nay! This cannot be! Nay, O blasph’mous day!
But yesterday, just yesterday, sweet yesterday,
I kissed her golden lips, took May from ‘r eyes,
Planned how to fly her Mantua today!
Today! O blessed, hoped for, loved, O wretched day!
Ai! But no! This must be false! It is a lie!
For Juliette is love, life, meaning—cannot die!
Foul sun, begone! Thou art no sun of mine!
Imposter thou, to shade what’s only mine!
My Juliette, my love, my sweet, my mine, mine, mine!
Dread day, that’s darkest night of nights to me,
Give me more dark, that I not see to be.

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