Oh, What Is Love?

Oh, what is love? A heart that’s beating fast?
A fev’rish brain, a quaking of the limbs?
No, these but after-makings of what is set
Already—the sight of mind that sees a vast
And beautiful soul op’ning wide to hymns
Of adoration; that grasps it owes deep debt
To virtues flown in high maintained perfection
For one to honor more than highest art;
A being made for sweet, refined selection
To the royal seat of judgment none can part
Or cancel, nor cleave from one forever, no.
Oh, what is love? real truth in eyes and face,
Real genuineness in stature, motion, pace,
Real beauty that makes love her every place.

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1 Response to Oh, What Is Love?

  1. gardenlovepoet says:

    Love is something that can’t be described but felt it can make us do all kinds of things and sometimes even gives us the strength to live and carry on.

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