My Magnet (which happy nickname is to be found in James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Pathfinder”)

O Love, doth know thou’rt like a magnet to me?
You draw me forth whether I willing be
Or no, and I’m so helpless to reverse
Thy pulling in I turn to iron verse,
Which weakens me every word till I am worse!
O Magnet, I am so fiercely rushed to thee
I cannot pull me back, I am not free,
But love e’en more my total slavery!
Poems pages, ‘serted in, de-magnetize?
No! You ash them with the flaming of your eyes!
Will nothing stop the power of your soul
To bring me ‘neathe attractions’ whole control?
No! For I love Magnet more than me,
And would not change her charms for gravity!

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