Love’s Wonderful Emotion

Love’s wonderful emotion can be so powerful
It may over-run a loved one for a hot spell,
A spell of dazed days, the feeling is that great,
And he who takes is lift to a giant state,
Imagines him a stronger than he is,
And wiser, too, and e’en more loving sensitive,
When all the time, though harm was never meant,
Forgets the wants of her who has him sent.
She sent him far, and he’s astounded so,
He only sees to see her eyes aglow,
Forgetting she’s been busy as a bee,
With little precious time for sun-man he.
Now, he lashes in the bearers of his flame
And tells them, “Praise aloud my lover’s name
Or thou be banished a week-long time,
Past small, yet thoughtful, loving ways sublime!”

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