There is no woman… (The significance of dropping an unimportant word: Shakespeare used this device often, to great effect. The phrase “in the world” is so common, it makes but little impact. But “in world” blossoms, becomes big and important. Say them both in the line, aloud, and sense the difference. In the process it is our minds which are put to work.)

There is no woman in world for me but you.
Not Sheila, Jane, Emily, though fair and true,
Could fill the vast circumference of my love
To puff me e’en more than this I be,
Expanding thought-life, dreams I’m dreaming of,
As blust’ring winds of March wide the sea.
A woman such as you, my love, though I
Now stand but low in your regard, will raise
Me up, inspirer of my fiery praise.
We both will mount the tameless morning sky
To venture without wings across the years,
Joys our saddles, reinless, without tears,
Bounding free and light to self-acclaim,
In gallop through the heavens flame to flame!

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