Yuko To Yuma

Yuko to Yuma, going so fast!
Oh, my dear darling, having a blast!
Yet end of the journey is sorrowful, too.
Would I were with you, but what can I do?

Yuko to Yuma, stopping for tea,
Typing a message—oh, it’s for me!
Tells me she’s flying on wheels that are four,
My hot-riding Yuko, the one I adore!

Yuko to Yuma. she soon will be there,
Comforting loved one with good Yuko care.
Gently and sweetly, like clear-ringing bell,
She’ll hug one who’s lonely and all will be well.

Yuko in Yuma, my heart of the west,
Love all that you do and do it the best.
I see you in house that with sorrow is dark,
And you bringing peace with the light of your spark.

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