Type, Type, Type!

Today we’re living far apart,
Yet Facebook brings us near;
Your fingers on the keyboard there
Respond to mine right here.

You type an “I”, I type an “I”,
For we are I-types true.
And then we type L-O-V-E,
I finish fast with “You!”

But oh, you’ve typed a different word;
Your “Chopin” knocks me down!
So I must sing as keyboard bird
To swing your keys around.

But on you go, your fingers fly—
“I must some practice do.”—
I touch in light another line,
Repeats of “Y-O-U.”

Oh, fingers of her hands, unite!
Rebel against the foe!
Let master Chopin have his light,
But post me King of Glow!

Then you are back, not feeling well,
Rebellion’s hurt your heart.
Oh dear, my dear, I know it’s hell
When Facebook lovers part.

Just type an “I L-O-V-E,”
And let me type the rest.
The fingers of this doctor’s soul,
They always know what’s best!

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