For Cheep

White pigeons sail around
Gaily o’er a bell-less belfry,
While sparrows below cheep
By the old church door.

The priest inside licks crumbs
From off the floor,
Praying men will sell themselves
For cheap.

A glad boy walking by
Throws up a song way high
For love-of-life which is
So wide and deep.

The pigeons sail on down
For crumbs he’s tossed around,
While sparrows, much more fleet,
Take most with “Cheep, cheep, cheep!”

The priest inside gives groan
For Hell which is his own,
While he who’s soul is free
Is past the door so lightly.

The pigeons coo and coo,
The sparrows sheep and cheep,
The deep songs leap and leap,
And five years fly on by.

The priest lies still, the old door
Souls take comfort from the
Broken walls.

Pigeons sail ’round gaily,
Flutter, clap, and land.
The sparrows buy sky’s love
From a young man’s hand
With “Cheep, cheep; cheep, cheep, cheep!”

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