By The River

Sit down by the river, hear it roar;
Forceful, ever going, no “Nevermore,”
But always on, relentless, like a man
Forever driving to a goal
And will not stop from doing all he can
Till he has won it, got it all!
Relentless the river; hear it roar!
Over the rocks, wave after wave,
Leaping, crashing down, roaring by!

Silent stand the trees, still and grave,
Sun-held barren branches in the sky.
Silenter the sky itself, if that may be.
Roaring on, the river nays all this,
Alive, alive and well, alive and free
To be a giant, roaring his great bliss!
Forceful, ever going, no “Nevermore,”
Set your dreams upon it, hear them roar!

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