Our Ayn Rand

Deep of voice, in focus sure,
Calm, untroubled, seeing more,
Making concepts meaning’s core,
Filling ears of we who hear,
Thrilling minds with thoughts so clear
Souls take hold, lips would cheer,
Eyes of hers so dark, yet bright,
Truths relating, dreams in sight,
Hers—hard depth, and hers—true height,
All her work by her own hand,
Independent, her lone stand;
Reverence kneels for our Ayn Rand.

Owned by none, own one of one,
Self-creating, self-made sun,
Fled from Russia, came here, won.
Wrote her books, they were sold,
Mighty epics, purest gold;
These we love, and love to hold.
Spoke she then to us much more,
“Real is real and logic’s sure,”
Deep in voice, serene and pure.

Faced the crowd, and some would jeer,
She was proud and had no fear,
Broken fell their spoken spear.
Radiant eyes and radiant face
Answered questions with sure grace,
Standing in applauded place,
Praising they who shot through space,
Praising man’s achievements true,
Praising this great country, too,
Speaking straight to me and you.
Now she’s gone, and yet she’s here;
Works like hers don’t disappear,
Spirit soaring year on year.

Come, be glad, we’ll celebrate
Her triumph over evil’s hate.
It began on this good date,
Started with those eyes that saw
Reality was its own law,
Self-honesty was not a flaw,
Rational was the way to be,
Independent, fully free,
Living with sincerity.
Nothing higher, naught more grand,
Ever made a greater stand–
Chainless, blameless, named Ayn Rand!

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2 Responses to Our Ayn Rand

  1. SB says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Brian! ;o) (Been really busy today.)

  2. Brian Faulkner says:

    Okay, SB. Keep working!

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