Taxes, Anyone?

What is a tax? A tax is the amount of your money that the government declares is the government’s money. You have worked for it, you have earned it, and the government (that is, some official(s) therein) declares that you have made your money for the government, and are holding it for the government until such time as it demands that you hand it over. If you do not hand it over you are fined and/or jailed for having used force (by holding) against the government, which merely retaliates against your evil action.

You are not a citizen; you are a taxpayer. That is your defining characteristic. When you violate the essence of what you are the whole world re-acts against you, calling you “cheater,” “tax evader,” “irresponsible.” “He tried to defraud the government!” “He’s worse than a murderer!” “He’s probably insane!” “He’s a terrorist!” “He’s a yellow anti-American, that’s what!” “Let him rot in prison!”

What is a tax? A tax is that portion of your life which the government and society declares that they own.

Says Mabel to Sara, “Look at that idiot Irwin Schiff, telling us not to pay taxes. Why, what would happen to public education of there were no taxes? It’s a good thing that people like you and I know how to think straight,” Sara replied, “Right you are, Mabel. Some schools are so bad, they just have to have more money. We’re probably among the last of the real thinkers!”

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