Cause and Effect

Joe Smith decided he was going to do something about cancer. So, early Sunday morning he walked out of his house carrying a sign with the words, “Down With Cancer” on it. Then he marched right into the middle of his deserted, sleepy street and for two hours marched up and down the block, all the while chanting, “Down with cancer, down with wrong; up with health the whole day long!” Then he went back into his house and felt very pleased with himself. “Wow, I knocked it out of the park today,” he thought. “Cancer doesn’t stand a chance now. It just proves that when you’ve got a cause it’s a cause, and the effects are soon to come.”

Later that day Joe went to see his doctor, whose office was right down on the corner. “Joe,” said the doc, “you’ve got to cut down on that marching. It’s bad for that right knee of yours. Cause and effect, you know?”

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