Incompetentism is the idea that the incompetent person should be treated as if he were competent. For example, if two women are loading two trucks of the same size with similar sized-and-weighted boxes, and one woman loads her truck in half the time it takes the other, the one who take longer should get the same pay as the one who was faster (as long as each is loaded properly, of course). Why? It will be said, “because they are doing the same job. However, it is only the “same job” in terms of its title: truck loader. it is not the same job in terms of accomplishment. And accomplishment is the keystone of justice. Those activists who march and make speeches for incompetentism are actually supporting the idea of injustice, which means that they want a worse world instead of a better one.

The same things hold true in politics, where we see incompetent presidents and senators desiring to be regarded as great, or otherwise significant, talking about their non-luminous careers as if they radiated brightness. We see incompetentism in schools where no differentiating grades are given; and in homes where parents praise their children no matter what they do or how they do it.

Incompetentism, or injustice, is a nasty scourge that has eaten and is eating its ugly way into society. Only the practice of justice, of giving each amn and woman, each boy and girl, what he or she deserves—because he or she has earned it—can reverse this ignominious plague.

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