Snowflakes feather lightly, lightly,
Oh, so lightly falling fair;
Playing lightly, oh, so lightly,
Touching lightly lips and hair.

Lips and hair now whiten slightly,
Finger’s tips now touching there,
Where the snowflakes, falling lightly,
Feed their lover coolness fair.

Coolness swiftly melts to wetness,
Oh, just right its sweet’ning care—
Where hard heat of June’s begetness,
Where the summer, may not fare.

Stirs the wind so very lightly;
Snowflakes kiss the eyes to close;
Smile the lips now, no, not slightly;
Fair glad face is one white rose.

Snowflakes fill in ears’ fair hollows;
Hands fly fast to hold them there;
Laughter softly, laughing, follows,
Feet are stamping, joyful, rare.

Winds fall low, are now decreasing,
Still and soft, all’s whiteness, fair;
Hill on hill has grown so pleasing,
Tree on tree is no more bare.

Snowflakes falling more, more lightly;
Oh, so lightly, falling fair;
Swaying lightly, playing slightly,
Touching lightly lips and hair.

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