Closing In

He touched her softly, thinking she can’t know
The thing he felt for her was just so, so
Wonderful, so strong, so electric, so ready to burst,
And she, the object of his love—his first—
Was like a fragile rose to him, too weak
To stand his growing passion’s force, too frail
To be the bearer of his fire, too weak…
“Oh dear, my dearest dear,” she ‘gan assail,
“I’ve wanted you for many aching days,
Have wanted you in all love’s loving ways,
Have wanted, still do want,—for you are mine!
Yea, mine inside my thinking, judging mind,
Mine in every motion, breath and word,
Mine, inside this heart you have not heard!”
“Oh dear my life, oh dear my only own,”
He stammered, struck by things that rocked him through.
“I think we both un-knew the deeply known,
But now we know it. Oh yes, oh yes, we do!
And frailty put aim into his course,
And fire stirred the passion of her force.

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