First Prize

‘Twas late within the lovely living year,
When I knew, knew, that you were all for me,—
My highest own, above these heights we cheer,
Which sacredize man’s spirit in the sky,
That catch the sun and moon, the clouds that fly,
And say to us, in lines of strength’s desire,
“Arise, and be like us, and, even more,
Aspire to reach the joy that you desire,
To win that one who’s even more than more,
And don’t stop striving till that one is won
And you have heaven in the race you’ve run!”
O Precious time, when you I held first prize,
My more than all, with living, singing eyes.
And still, our precious time goes on and on,
Each minute last, and first, of heaven’s dawn.
And still, though late within this lovely year,
Our height we own a-top these heights we cheer.

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