Under Stars

His darling Laura sat alone,
Alone on the granite peak.
Her skill to prove, climbed mountain stone,
But now felt awfully weak.

Her twisted ankle wouldn’t let
Her climb back down again,
And she’d told no one where she went;
Her phone—lost, round some bend.

The sun was going down the sky,
Night’s cold already here.
She wouldn’t sob, she wouldn’t cry,
Although there ran one tear.

She huddled up as best she could
And flexed her muscles tight.
She thought she must, she hoped she might,
Outlast the freezing night.

Darkness, darkness, all around,
And not one thing of cheer.
Then winds arose with eery sound
And clapped upon her ear!

Cold, so cold, so very cold—
She almost nodded off!
Then pounded fists—she’d fight this cold,
Although the rocks were rough.

She rolled to left, she rolled to right;
A little warmth bestirred!
Her ankle’s pain was like a gain,
“Alive,” its aching word.

All nature’s force placed hands on her,
She fought them back with will,
Till “Clank,” a faint sound came to her,
And “Clank” came closer still!

Oh, could it be, or did she dream;
Should she lie still, or scream?
Some minutes passed when still was all,
Then came again that certain call,

And “Laura!” sounded bold and clear,
And “Laura!” rang out sweet.
Her Daniel’s voice toward her did steer,
Then he was at her feet!

So laid they there, ‘neathe blankets warm,
And munched their candy bars.
And nature’s might and lovers’ light
Felt “all right” under stars.

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