The Song of Life

O Song of Life, arise and rise,
And sing of coal and oil and steel—
The dusty juices, meats, of earth,
That we do eat for power-worth.
Sing all the gold and silver ore
That lies beneath earth’s treasure-floor,
Sing all the seas with all their fish,
Sing all the elk and deer and bear
With tastiness beyond compare;
Sing grapes in glass, or on a dish,
And melons, oranges, apples, nice,
Awaiting knife with shining slice!

O song of life, arise and rise,
And sing of steel, oil and coal,
Of man’s rich earth that feeds the goal
Of keeping him alive and whole!
Sing shovels, drills and steel claws
That bite the earth with big applause;
Sing stones that wait the builder’s will;
Sing hammers of the sculptor’s skill!
Then sing of soil, by farmers plowed,
And trees for paper, saw down-bowed;
Sing out for men, in rocky height,
Making dams with concrete might;
Sing songs of work in every sphere,
Taking, breaking, making here
The tools of triumph shaping things
To things that stand and things with wings!
O Song of Life, O Song of Do,
Sing all the songs of joy in you!

There’s factories that dress the plain,
There’s bracelet shipyards round a bay;
There’s tower-crowns without a stain
Inspiring men to make earth pay—
To pay her way, to earn her right,
To work for man with all her might!

O Song of life, sing proud and long
Of Man the Maker, Earth the Strong!
Sing Harmony, sing Harmony,
Of earth and man in unity!
The worker and the worked as one,
With Competence the joining sun!
Then Knowledge, that’s the god of all,
And Reason, that his lights install,
In solemn poem of perfect rhyme,
Make solid home for worthy time.

O Song of life, now sing, now sing!
Your Song of Joy means everything!

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