Agamemnon, an exercise. Following Aeschylus.

Dark sky,
Dark earth;
Black dark
Full worth.

Hail! A light!
See! A fire!
Troy is fallen!
Our desire!
Agamemnon does inspire
Higher, higher, higher, higher!

Sun has risen,
Blue the sky;
As from prison
White birds fly.

Queen, my Queen,
I’ve the light
Of Victory seen!

Now make ready,
No more grieve;
Husband, King,
You shall receive!

But Oh, what’s this?
What beauteous hand
From what strange land
Lies on his wrist.

Cassandra she,
His concubine.
His war-won prize
Does he entwine.

O foulest man!
Your daughter slew
For sacrifice.
Now gives one place
Ahead of you!

Vengeance, vengeance,
Strike, and kill.
I’ll have vengeance;
See! I will!

Down goes Agamemnon now,
Down Cassandra,
Filthy cow!

Blood is spreading
Cross the floor;
Heads are rolling
Out the door!

Vengeance, vengeance,
They are slain!
O my joy,
And O my pain!

Dark sky,
Dark earth;
Blood dark,
No worth.

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