Once, we ran in the rain and leaped high over puddles
With laughter of joy on our lips.
Now, we walk in the rain and steer round the deep puddles
With warmth in our hand-in-hand grip.

Out of youth, into age, with our love center stage,
Are we hero and heroine supreme,
Who with glimpse of the past may slight limp at the last,
But with smiles the high style of our dream.

Once, we climbed the steep hills to the top rock, up there,
Where we hung on a pole your gold hat;
Now, we look up and see a gold shirt flying free,
For loves young make tradition of that.

Then in youth, now in age, as we turn a new page
That is ready for true hearts to write,
We took, take, a pen, you sign “De” once again,
While beside it I scribble out “light”.

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