Castro Cast Out!

Yes! Now is Castro cast out for his crimes!
Yes! Though e’en death holds his nose at the stink of his spirit,
While he shoves him far down out of sight
Where the red teeth of Mao and of Stalin clasp round him and gash him
To gorge themselves full with each bite.

Yes! Now their poisonous bellies are stricken with pain—
The pain of life hate everlasting—
And they howl and they moan and they screech and they yell,
Till they throw up his thugly remains,
And one eyeball rolls round for the praise of progressives,
Who bow to their butcher in Hell!

Now Stalin and Mao and this Castro
Look greedily up for what’s here—
For Obama and Hillary Clinton,
And Death they urge toward them to steer.

For they yearn these red worms to be dying,
So to fill up their bowels with great pain,
And the dark wings of death are out flying
To bring down these losers again.

Bring them back under rocks where they started,
Bring them under the dust and the mud,
Where they twisted and crawled broken-hearted,
In their longing to taste human blood.

But Justice is strong, he is patient,
And evil he fears not at all.
Now Castro, soon Hill’ry, Obama,
Is cast out, will stumble and fall!

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