On this Thanksgiving Day we’re thankful for:
A roof above, below, a floor,
A window clean, a solid door,
And medicines that ease our pain,
And shining sun and drops of rain,
And we’re not walking ‘cross a plain
Through dust beside a wagon train.

Oh, who’d complain and say they’re poor
When life they can be thankful for?
There’s no bubonic plague around,
We aren’t in iron chain-links bound.
We’re free to love, and come and go,
And we’ve got cars that aren’t too slow.
We text and twitter, watch TV;
Around the world we look and see,
And we’re not trudging ‘cross a plain
In mud beside a wagon train.

There’s those who work most every day
To make the world a bit less gray,
And soldiers who protect us all,
Though some, by evil chance, do fall
(While rioters do screech and wail
Because their candidate can’t prevail).
Oh, let us all be thankful for
A rood above, below, a floor!
And we’re not stagg’ring ‘cross a plain
Past broken wheels of a wagon train!

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