Phryne, A Tale Of Greek Justice

Phryne, of Athens most beautiful,
Or was said to be, for rarely seen was she,
Praiseless walked past Apollo to the beach;
In her superiority
Disrobed, and dove into the sea.
One Euthias, struck, gazed in amaze
As Phryne swam ashore and swiftly robed.
Leering, he proffered in his hand a bar of gold.
Ignoring him, she passed him by.
Euthias, angry, denounced her for impiety.
Phryne came to court and said no word,
But, after hearing formal accusations,
Merely opened her robe to the judges
And flicked aside her veil.
Her shining beauty turned the judges pale.
Then all cried out, “Innocent! Innocent!”
Euthias fell, his bright knife clattering,
As Phryne walked unnoticing by.

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2 Responses to Phryne, A Tale Of Greek Justice

  1. solhls says:

    The Athenians were certainly a superior people.

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