Aspasia, Leaping

Aspasia sat on the thighs of Pericles
And said, “Why do we honor the gods?
Do the gods honor us?
Do they make sacrifices to us?”
Socrates, leaning on a table, smiled.
Pericles laughed, then responded,
“The people need to believe in something.”
Aspasia asked, “Why?”
Socrates spoke up, saying,
“Aspasia, you ask too many difficult questions.”
Aspasia, snuggling against Pericles,
Murmured, “I suppose the people
Just don’t want to have fun.”
Socrates said, “Sadly, that’s true.
Rejecting gods would not be fun for them.”
Aspasia suddenly leaped up and shouted,
“I know! Let’s ask Pheidias to come over!
We’ll ask him why he makes beautiful statues of men
And calls them gods!”
Socrates smiled again while Pericles laughed even louder.
Aspasia, hands on hips,
Glared in mock anger.

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