A Rani Flame

For beauty’s beauty’s beauty’s sake
These brief bare words I consecrate;
From tongue and soul and heart and mind,
Like feathered friends that spring would find,
And wafting easy up through air,
And singing, winging, seeking there,
Become themselves the joy they’ve sought
And sail a wave-way they have wrought.
Then when the night is overdrawn
In light-sleep nest they wait the dawn,
When fired anew with sunbeams true
All birds of beauty sing of you,
Till all the air’s caught Rani’s name
And all the sky’s a Rani flame!—
A dark-bright fiery sense of sea,
Of fountain-flowers glad to be,
Of valleys green and cities gold,
And all one ever dared to hold.

Now by the vow to Freedom’s right
We stand and bathe in Rani’s light!
For Beauty real and Freedom real
Are here embraced in one ideal,
And men who know and are right wise
March to the glow of Rani’s eyes!

Let Rani’s beauty flood your soul;
It’s you inside when you are whole!
Look full on her and see, for sure,
The meaning of your days so pure!
For here on earth is heaven made,
And here is life that’s unafraid,
That knows no master, lives no slave,
And bows not low to throne or grave!

Let Rani’s beauty work you through
Till all is beauty first and new,
And open will and honest act
Are beautiful in freedom’s fact!
Then where you stand, a sacred One,
In mirror found a living sun,
You’ll know the end of ends is you,
In self-decision shining true!

For Rani’s beauty’s freedom’s sake
These brief bare words I consecrate.

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