Old-Time Halloween

The goblins and spooks
Have put up their dukes,
And now they are flailing around.
A punch through the air—
But no one is there!
Just “Whoosh!” and a whispering sound.

The witches are lazy,
And half of them crazy;
They crash with their brooms in a ditch!
With snapping of fingers
And headaches—humdingers!—
They can’t tell which witch is which witch!

A pumpkin sits whole
On top of a pole;
With broken-saw teeth he still smiles.
What gleams in his eyes
No one can surmise
And soon he’ll be mashed for his wiles!

Then children come, four;
A rush to the door!
A princess? a miner? a knight?!
And one who’s so small—
No mystery at all—
A toddler whose face shines delight!

The old door creaks ope’
For trick-or-treat hope.
A horse stands there, golden as sun!
Through leg comes a hand
With bowl in command,
And candy for everyone!

Then six little feet
Run off with their sweet,
While Joey just stands in amaze.
A gift he has got
That’s more than a lot
To stun him with wonder for days!

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