A Whole Man

What is a whole man? In Ancient Greece it was the man who could run fast, throw a javelin far, wrestle with power and dexterity, sail a boat, write a good poem, lead troops into battle, and give a persuasive speech on virtue in the Forum. He could do all of these things and do them well. He wasn’t an expert in this or that; he didn’t specialize in just one field. He was a hero; he was Odysseyus; he was George Washington; he was Francisco d’Anconia.

Let us see Donald Trump wrestle; let us see Hillary Clinton sprint; let us see Barack Obama pick up a rifle and lead troops in a charge! Let us see just one Congressman write a good play or a poem, or lead an orchestra! The questions for a candidate for public office should be, “What have you done in the various realms of life’s endeavors?” not, “How good are you at evading questions about your personal love life, or about anything and everything?”

Where is a whole man?

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