When everyone is nodding “Yes,”
And your lone voice says, “No,”
Keep doing your own selfish best
And stronger pipe up, “No!”

When everyone is clumping south
And you are steering north,
There’s only one good thing to do,
And that’s keep going forth!

The crowd is just a feeling herd,
Un-proud, un-thinking, blind;
Must you keep true to logic’s word
Inside your reas’ning mind.

The single road may lonely be,
But loneliness that’s blessed
With sure conviction you are free
To live your level best.

And when your road meets up with one
As singular as yours,
You’ll both take off in happy run
With love-charged motors’ roars!

The city Satisfaction, whole,
Waits independent cars
Of engine-minds that have as goal
A place of self-made stars.

When everyone bends aged heads low
To see not facts and truth,
Lift up your eyes, existence know,
And keep alive sweet youth!

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