Crackle, Pop!

I’m singing, dancing, down the street,
Hey-ho! and a-Hey!
My tapping toes do echo sweet,
Hey-hey! and a-Ho!
Then up and up the hill I run
To leap into the morning sun
With Ho and Hey and Ho!
Around me swim the leaves of fall,
Sailing, waving, glad to call
Hey-ho! Ho-hey! Hey-ho!
Then down and down the hill I fly
With leaf-girl Leda in my eye,
Where she’s all cartwheels round and round,
All dressed in orange and pink and white,
Her golden hair in sunrays wound,
My firecracker flick’ring light!
Now Ho! and Hey! and Ho!

And the leaves around whiff
In their coloring fair,
As they’re coloring, coloring, coloring air!
Wings of red-yellow rust
Fly ahead and behind,
And a few clasp together, in free-fall combined!

Oh, happy songs have we to sing,
And happy arms to make one swing!
And happy fall is ours to wear
Where happy we are everywhere!
For every place that we walk-walk,
Or skip-skip-skip while we light talk,
And every spot we stop to sing,
Or hug tight-tight in hug-in ring,
And where for laughs we scatter leaves—
Yes! scatter, scatter, scatter leaves!—
Our happiness hops oh, so high
We crackle, pop! into the sky!
Or so it seems in happy love
As out we push with light-tongued shove,
“Hey-hey! and a-Ho!

All around in a whiff
Goes our happiness there,
As we’re happying, happying, happying fair!
In the light of day
We are color-full blind
To the rest of the world as we spin it behind!
Then Hey! Then Hey! Then Ho!

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