The Glow

Now the babe suckles teat
Of his mother so sweet
While the wind through the forest does roar,
And his eyelids are pressed
On his mother’s soft breast
While large snowflakes do lisp at the door,

She but smiles on her child
And on all that is wild,
Though the sparks in the fireplace dim,
For she knows that her man
Will do all that he can
Before anything gets to be grim.

There is peace on her face
For her baby’s dear place
And her eyes swell with love and with pride;
And she hears the faint hail
Of the man who won’t fail
Through the wind in its howling outside.

Then, burst! The door swings!
He tramps in with his things!
Small presents with blue bows and white!
Then back out for the logs,
And two wee puppy dogs,
While the baby drinks silent delight.

Now her man shuts the door
And comes near to adore
The two loves of his life that are one,
And she raises her eyes,
Gentle blue and so wise,
And his hand on her cheek is like sun.

Now the babe falls asleep,
And his mother sleeps deep,
And his father lies down with the dogs,
Where he smiles oh, so slight,
Seeing all is all right,
In the glow on her breast from the logs.

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