The Reign of Pig Juice

In the town of Hampton, population 50,000, muslim ‘refugees” totaling 5,000 had been brought in by the feds. In the years two mosques had been built in which jihad was being preached. The mayor had a meeting with crop-dusters in the area and they loaded up their planes with diluted pig juice and a bunch of fliers which stated that this was pig juice. One morning when all the muslims were walking to their mosques, the planes flew low overhead, spraying pig juice and dropping fliers on the muslims and their houses, tents and mosques. The muslims went crazy, pulling out knives, stabbing themselves, each other, their wives, husbands and children. And that was the end of Islam in Hampton. The worshippers of death had fulfilled themselves.

The news media tried to ignore the story, but word spread via twitter and the internet, and soon other towns across the country were following Hampton’s lead. The demand for pigs and pig juice soared on the market. Then some very few brave muslims began to disavow Islam, and bought little canisters of pig spray to protect themselves from potential muslim murderers. The mayor of Hampton was hailed as a hero and the further importation of muslims was brought to a halt. Even policemen started becoming proud to call themselves “pigs” and spontaneous parades sprang up with banners proclaiming “Pig Nation, Go!” It was the beginning of a new day in the world.

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