On Some Tomorrow:

Three atomic bombs were dropped simultaneously on Tehran, medina and Mecca. Hundreds of imams were arrested in the United States to be deported, and as many mosques bulldozed into the ground. the new President went on television to say that “Islam is a totally evil organization of barbaric thugs and life-haters. Starting today all businesses are prohibited from doing business with Muslims and I encourage all decent Americans to abstain from even speaking to muslims. The police will not be protecting them. The firemen will not be putting out their fires. First responders will not be saving them from floods or providing medical aid. Al welfare checks will be stopped immediately, nor will remaining welfare monies be honored.”

Here the President paused, looked seriously at the reporters and cameras, straightened his shoulders and went on.

“The United States will send no more aid of any kind to muslim countries. All business activities with those countries is now prohibited. After natural disasters, no Red Cross or other relief will be allowed. Islam is the enemy of the civilization which makes these things possible. Islam is evil and it will be treated as it deserves. Terrorist acts are the direct result of the teachings of Islam, which are the result of the actions of that evil rapist and murderer Mohammed. Allah is an evil wish imagined as good, but it is evil. There are no good muslims. No good person seeks to kill other men, women and children just because they don’t believe that killing non-believers is the proper thing to desire and do. Life that hates life is evil.”

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