I walk beneath a starry sky,
Atop a hill, just stars and I;
I don’t need them, they don’t need me,
I am a height they cannot see.

O blind things that can’t even hear,
That have no wings to somewhere steer,
Imagination’s made you great
For eye of joy and kiss of fate.

Yet mind of man is stronger far
Than every light of every star,
And strong am I to take this hill
And steer my way with my own will.

Below me there are woods and vales,
I cannot see the searching trails;
Yet they are there, like those up high,
Wherever men set foot or fly.

I’m neither star, nor sky, nor trail,
Yet I am here and will not fail.
I love my life, I wish no fate;
I’ve got a kiss for lips self-great!

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