Heroic Day

No moon is in the morning sky,
No sun is yet arisen;
The stars are gone, the streetlights on,
The wind with still is smitten.

A bright red truck goes rolling by,
A jogger, slow, yet steady;
A lone bird sings and flutters wings,
The day is almost ready.

It’s here! A shaft of light has hit!
It strikes a lofty tower!
Now white birds fly into the sky,
And higher fly and higher!

Now cars roll in from everywhere,
More runners run on faster;
A little earthquake gives a shake,
But there is no disaster!

Some horns do beep, a-beep, beep-beep!
Some runners leap with laughter;
And I am strong with my new song
For now and ever after!

I stand up in a golden ray,
The sun with manhood swelling;
My gleaming pen, for dreams of men,
“Heroic day” is spelling!

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