A Lesson

The nine ten year old students were asked to draw, with colored pencils, a picture of God. They drew. Each picture was different. Many of the faces were of older men, but one had long white hair and beard, another, dark hair; one had blue eyes, another, black; one had a long nose, another, snub; and all had different sized ears and chins, lips and foreheads.

The teacher then held up his own picture of God: an open-mouthed, laughing or singing man, with a shiny bald head and twinkling eyes. The teacher said, God isn’t real. He is just something that you imagine, and that is why all of our drawings are so different. To prove this even further, turn your pictures over and draw another picture of God.”

And behold, all the pictures were different, though several had bald heads, due to the influence of the teacher’s picture and the hope for approval in those several student’s minds. Then the teacher said, “The picture I drew looks like a combination of my uncle Bob and a clown I once saw at the circus.” Your homework is to think about what we did, and what you did, today. Class dismissed.

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