From a short biography of Tolstoy

“In the latter part of his life Tolstoy “became the prophet of a new religion. It was to be based upon a few simple commandments: Be no man’s enemy; never give way to your wrath; and never resort to violence. He became a communist, a dissenter and a rebel—in short, a true disciple of Christ. he was ready to give up his fame, his position, his wealth, his very life if necessary, for the service of mankind. He dressed in a peasant’s smock and associated with the lowliest on equal terms.

“The world hailed Tolstoy as a prophet. But his family regarded him as a fool. His wife began to fear that he was losing his reason. His children yawned and turned away whenever he spoke about the brotherhood of man. To live a life of utter unselfishness seemed to them a sign of insanity. He became a stranger in his own house. ‘Perhaps you will not believe me,: he wrote a friend, “but you cannot imagine how isolated I am, nor in what degree my veritable ‘I’ is despised and disregarded by all those around me.’

“Tolstoy believed in establishing the democracy of Man. He wrote a number of essays and stories to illustrate the principles of human compassion and non-resistance to evil. He even went so far as to recommend the extinction of mankind through the establishment of absolute celibacy!'”

Me: never has compassion sounded so evil. This is what happens when a young man accepts as an ideal the real evil that is selfless altruism. And, it is this irrational idea of non-resistance to evil which is helping to spread the vile evil of Islam through the world today.

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