The Same

The Christian loved his enemy
And hugged him close and tight.
He did not live with pride to be,
And had no will to fight.

The Muslim slapped the Christian
Upon his selfless cheek;
The Christian turned the other way
To show that he was meek.

The Muslim then cut off his head,
As Allah told him to,
With sword of Islam lusty red,
Submission slicing true.

The Christian loved his enemy—
No just revenge he took—
Obedient to God’s mystery
And lies writ in a book.

The Christian and the Muslim race
On to the same set goal—
To get them to that empty place
That has no selfish soul.

It is a place, a “better” place,
Where everyone has Death
To eat away upon his face
And sniff his blood for breath.

The Christian helps the Muslim kill,
The Muslim helps his Christ,
With all adhering to Hate’s will
Of humans sacrificed.

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