God Is Not Selfless

Oh, God and Allah, they don’t mind
If everyone will die;
They’re far from selfless, I do find,
With egos flying high.

They’ve got it all and do not dream
To give up what they’ve got.
Above the earth, they are supreme
And care for humans not.

Now God, he faked a sacrifice
For men’s adoring praise,
Then God and Son went laughing
Ever after all their days.

And Allah promised virgins real
To men who died in fight;
In dust they merged with their ideal
As darkness kissed their sight.

To be like God, then, self do love,
And do not give away
Your joy on earth—no thing above—
And master your one way!

Then feel God not, heed Allah nil,
But go with clear, bright mind,
Your sacred self to follow still,
And to your self be kind!

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