Phony Christ Bologna

Jesus did not suffer on the cross. If we take the myth at face value for a minute we see that Jesus, being the son of God, like God is immortal. And, knowing all things, he knows he is immortal. He knows that nothing can really hurt him or cause him to even come close to death. He knows that he will get up in three days and be totally pain-free, healthy and happy. He has no values, nothing to gain or to lose. He did not die, because he could not die, on the cross or anywhere else.

Whereas if you or I were nailed to a cross and a spear stuck in our side, we would really suffer. We would know that death was coming upon us; we would know anguish or fear, would know that our lives were permanently over. Thus, the idea that Christ took our suffering upon himself is completely phony bologna. Plus, God did not sacrifice his son. His son was with him, healthy and happy, a few days later. Note that in the story of the Trojan war Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia to appease the gods. This is a real sacrifice; Iphigenia does not come back. Agamemnon has lost her forever. And yet Christians are expected to make real sacrifices in their lives based on the example of a phony sacrifice. God is not selfless.

Of course, all of the above does deal with the question of whether sacrifice itself is good or bad, moral or immoral. To answer that question one must read Ayn Rand.

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