Gold Medal Speeches

The Sprinter’s Speech

I did my best, the gold is mine;
I won by my own sure design.
I owe not God, nor helping team;
I am the whole of my own dream.

In light of glory here I stand,
The fastest athlete in the land.
My years of grueling practice done,
O’er bronze and silver I have won.

The pride of being fills me now,
The pride in self that I avow;
So cheer my self for selfish might
That ran in love to such a height!

The Swimmer’s Speech

The gold is mine, my shining star!
I swam the water swift and far!
And to myself I give full praise
That for myself did so amaze!

No god did grant me victory;
No one but I, and only me.
I am most proud for what I’ve done,
And shout aloud, “I won! I won!”

The Shot-Putter’s Speech

I held a planet in my hand,
Then whirled and threw it, oh, so grand!
The world did marvel this could be—
A record toss of majesty!

No help had I the sky to stun;
It was all me, and I have won!
So praise my gold that shows aright
The soul of pride I put in flight!

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