Olympian Height

To give all you’ve got in one final test,
To will every muscle to better its best,
To gasp for the air that is almost not there,
While hearing your heartbeats thundering.

You strive to win, give all you’ve got;
You’re racing for that high, gold spot;
Five runners back and two before,
The stadium is thundering!

Spirit, drive! Arms, swing! Legs, pump!
Make every stride a catching jump!
Yourself a fist to smash on through
While friends and foes are wondering!

And down the stretch your body flies!
Your salty sweat near blinds your eyes!
Your body’s almost broke in two,
While all the crowd is thundering!

Fifty bleary yards to get!
One man ahead, but now, beside!
A final fling, you’ll make it yet!
The tape is yours for sundering!

Collapse, to ground; you’ve earned a fall.
Now stand, and shake each outstretched hand.
These men, like you, have given all,
And in their pride are towering!

You’re on the podium, calm and straight;
Your personal anthem sounds and soars:
A march symphonic stamps down fate
With joy that’s overpowering!

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1 Response to Olympian Height

  1. Brilliant. An olympic poem written with olympic style.

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