• Islam is the most evil love-of-death cult in the history of man. In Islam, to lie is a virtue, to rape is a virtue, to destroy happiness and beauty is a virtue, to murder is a virtue. It has been said that moderate Muslims are those who do not do these things, they only pay mental lip-service to them as they read them in the Koran. They are supposedly good people when they memorize the hate-of-life verses. They are supposedly good people when they submit themselves to Allah and when they praise the mass-murderer and rapist Mohammed. Those who make excuses for moderate Muslims might be called moderate almost Muslims, or Muslims in spirit. They, too, hate life. No truly innocent person defends something as obviously evil as Islam.

Islam is the culmination of all self-deceit, of all lies. There is the lie of the primitive, which told of a high place of the gods, where they smelled the smoke of sacrifice. There is the lie of the Christians, which tells of a heaven—a “better place”— where true believers go after death. The Islamist lie is the most simplified: it asks you only to commit atrocities so that you can go to a place where you will be loved for being vicious, valued for destroying values, accepted as a man for being no man. Islam is not only against Western civilization, Islam is against all civilization. Islam is against independence, production, beauty, a thinking mind, any where and in whatever form these may exist. Islam is pro destruction, pro terror, pro death. It has no redeeming qualities. It does not provide men with a hope for a better life but, at best, the hope for the life of a beast.

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