O Sovereign Self

O sovereign selfish mind of single aim,
O singing, ringing ego pure and whole,
Not nice, nor kind, but just, with no low shame,
Made strong for pride-of-purpose in your soul,
I praise with thankful ardor your lone height,
Praise that you are and that place bright you go—
That happy place, that is your secret sight—
To rest, enjoy, then rise again and grow.
For you, not me, you gathered knowledge sure;
For you, not me, you fast increased your skill;
For you, not me, you grasped the future’s door
And swung it open for your joyous will!
Yet I’m dew-showered by your self so true,
Brow-sweetened, glazed with thought-lights you have thrown,
Smit soft with inspiration, thrilling new
With far-off dreamings of my very own.
They wake to selfish rapture mind and hand,
High sovereign ego of my self’s command!

The sovereign ego of my self’s command
Grows apple sweet with never fear or doubt,
Grows into ripeness that is moral light,
Grows into flexings of my arm and hand
And turns the wheel of my world about,
Uncovers beauties useful to my sight
And flings up spearing towers on the land.
Each tower is an ego made of steel,
A soaring self, a wingless bird of air,
That flies up with the joy its builders feel,
Proclaiming human pride no virtue rare,
But rich as blooming flowers—everywhere!
Man’s selfishness of this whole world is king,
And crowned he is who can his ego sing!

O first, and last, and best of all things won,
Creator of true civilizing force,
Such tireless work you have on earth, here, done—
Obedient to your single selfish course—
We know we’re blessed, indeed, that you are free
To give us joy in hearing, joy to see,
And joy in life, though giving naught for free,
But raising us in justice proud to pay
For ego’s beauty of the night and day.
For pay we do in coin of work and love,
Bright independent treasures flashing fire
In swelling selfish life that soars above
With egoistic dreams that never tire
Of echoes struck for sovereign self’s desire!

Now up through every human who loves life,
Each man and woman, child–or girl or boy–
Let ego consecrate, with no blanked strife,
That central selfish spirit of man’s joy,
Mind’s competence in cleaving to what’s real
For calculating capture of ideal!
A man who’s man, heroical and bold,
A woman woman, true as sun-hit gold,
A blazing blaze, yet soft as candle’s flame
That lights the holy shrine of man’s good name!
His temple is the ego of his mind;
His glory is the choosing of his soul;
He stands in justice as the ages wind,
And judges right and wrong to keep him whole!

Then ego sing and ring, and worship selfish man,
Who for himself does all the best he can!
Who gratifies the urgings of his youth
And searches high and low to know the truth!
In independent self-esteem he grows,
In independent action rises, goes,
Becomes a man of mastery supreme,
An equal to uniqueness of his dream!
His selfishness finds men he can admire,
Their egos joined, yet separate, made higher
By mirrored strength competing joyously
To learn and teach creations of the free!
Then ego sing and ring, and worship selfish man,
Who makes a happy life the best he can!

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