Ted Cruz

When Ted Cruz spoke at the convention: since he knew he was not going to endorse Trump, it was the perfect time to introduce the principle of individual rights. Now, many might think that it’s too early to speak about individual rights. I ask, when is it ever too early, or when is it ever wrong, to speak about individual rights? I don’t think it is ever too early, or ever wrong. On the contrary, as soon as political figures like Ted Cruz start speaking about individual rights, as soon as they take the time to elucidate the connection between individual rights and freedom, to educate their audience, instead of merely preaching to them and saying “I stand on the principle of freedom,” the sooner can—though not necessarily will—more people begin thinking about individual rights and the proper roll of government in relation to individuals.

That a man such as Ted Cruz, who knows American history, and the basis of its foundation, so thoroughly, should have failed to do this, shows that he himself does not value individual rights very highly. And all those who speak about “fighting for the Constitution,” but who ignore or disregard the principle of individual rights, are not true lovers of an American republic.

Ayn Rand did not speak or write “too early” about individual rights. She did not say that the people have to be properly educated in metaphysics, epistemology and morality first. We need politicians who will speak out boldly for individual rights, right now, whether anyone listens to them or not. It is never too early, and can only be too late the longer we wait. But it is never wrong.

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